Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kapton Tape Build Surface Testing

Today after testing my kapton tape wrapped heater board (say that three times!) I discovered that the surface worked up to a point. After the build hit the 20 min. mark I got some warping on the part that I was printing. So I would only recommend this technique if you desperately need a smooth prints. Otherwise the build surface works great.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Classic Hacking

Instructables user travis7s submitted this awesome instructable. It features an awesome, classic hack that is just plain cool.

The Automatic Button Pusher (or ABP from now on) is a quirky little device that will simply extend its "pusher" at a user set time. I originally designed this device as a simple way to schedule my Roomba robotic vacuum to clean while I was at work. The device will use a ordinary digital alarm clock to trigger an electric motor momentarily.

Note: When I mention ABP I mean Automated Build Platform by Makerbot Industries.

Is Kapton Tape A Suitable Build Surface?

After breaking two acrylic build surfaces on my Cupcake CNC I ran out of options for materials to build on. I have an Automated Build Platform but I am printing big parts so I needed a regular sized build platform. I thought for a while and I realized that I could steal my heater board from my ABP, cover it in Kapton Tape, then mount it on the wooden magnetic build platform. It works great now. In the photo there is a part I printed using this technique. The picture doesn't really do it justice though. The bottom of the part came out so smooth. I would recommend this for those of you without an acrylic build surface.

Cupcake CNC is Alive and Kicking

I just got my Cupcake CNC Ultimate kit up and running! Cupcake CNC is an open-source 3D printer. A 3D printer will take a CAD model and make it a real object. The kit is easy to assemble and can be put together in a weekend with a friend. I picked mine up from the little Makerbot pop-up shop in Brooklyn, NY from the man himself, Bre Pettis. You can get one too by ordering online at Makerbot Industries.