Friday, June 17, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider Makes Huge Problems

So recently I have been have major issues with my Cupcake CNC. Power issues, then blown MOSFET's, fried SD cards, dead H-Bridges and serial communications. I have been troubleshooting with Makerbot's Operater group, and Makerbot themselves. I found out that I could get my extruder controller RMAed for the H-Bridges and blown MOSFET's. So, funny story right... Today I was taking off my extruder controller to send it in and well wouldn't ya know, there was a beautiful little spider web across some of the pins on my extruder controller. I guess spiders like 3D printing too!

Spider Webbing After Some Cleaning...


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  1. sorry not related >> follow from thinkverse I dunno if you can help.
    I am using "ReplicatorG for Reprap" installed firm.upgrade from the list reprap, wrong idea now my mendel "melzi board "dosen't move a step, X and Y are loked I can connect to the printer and I have not idea how to find or install the firmware. Can you help any idea?